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It’s true…The world is changing through the dedication of – often – one person with incredible energy…and ability to enroll others in her vision. So, OK, sometimes we can even credit “a small group” (or two of you!). Thank you from all of us!

Corn-Bred performing at the 2011 Native Circle Touch the Earth Festival

Corn-Bred performing at the 2011 Native Circle Touch the Earth Festival

Laura, thanks again for having Cornbred at your event. We are getting more relaxed with the crowd which lets us have more fun with them. It was a shock to hear John Sardella was sick. That’s why I added my harp to the prayer we did for him, tried to give my thoughts through my sound.Thanks again.
~ Curtis Waterman, Corn-Bred

I’m glad we could put something together to support you. I wish you the best of luck in this wonderful endeavor!
~ Michael Ameigh, General Manager, WRVO

Jonny Lipford performing at the 2011 Native Circle Touch the Earth Festival

Jonny Lipford performing at the 2011 Native Circle Touch the Earth Festival

What a great weekend at the Native Circle: Touch The Earth Festival! Thanks for the love and support NY!
~Jonny Lipford

Thanks to your dedication and to the hard work of all involved, the ‘Creating Unity’ message continues to be heard in our community and in the nation.
~Alan Bargender, Plant Manager, Dynegy – Independence Station

Looks like fun was had by all.~ Kathleen S.

Mary Gillen, Gentle Reiki for People and Animals

Mary Gillen providing a Reiki Session at the 2010 Native Circel Touch the Earth Festival

Good Morning Wonder Women, Laura and Morgan.  What a life changing event. The response to the Reiki healing was huge.  Often there were 2 or 3 of us offering Reiki and/or talking to people and we still needed another person. I am so excited!!  It was a gift to us to be able to “give back” . If anyone does come to one of my classes I intend to donate a portion of the fee to the  5th Native Circle.
~Mary Gillen Owner, Gentle Reiki for People and Animals

Many thanks for the kind words, Laura — it was a fun interview and we’re glad it helped a little bit. Good luck next weekend. Here’s hoping the rain will stay away! See you soon; be well.
~ Dave Bullard, WRVO

Thank You!!! You and Morgan are both spectacular women – Thank You for letting me be a small part of an extraordinary weekend !!!!!!!!!!
~Michelle Johnson

Thank you for all your hard work in putting this weekend’s event together. It was FANTASTIC…. every bit of it! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed myself and I can hardly wait for next year! ….Love, hugs and blessings.
~Annie G., Hannibal, NY

The 2011 Native Circle Info Booth

The 2011 Native Circle Info Booth

I was honored, as I have been for the past 6 years, to perform with Laura as the Thunder Hawk Singers at this years 2011 Native Circle Touch The Earth Festival in Mexico New York. I have watched over the years all the hard work that Laura puts into this festival. This year with the help of her new partner Morgan they put together the best show to date. On Friday night I had the opportunity to see something I never thought I would see. At the Gala Dinner they showed an endorsement video sent to them from Brazil by Felipe Rose ( Indian from The Village People) and Janice Marie Johnson (Founder of the group Taste Of Honey). I know that they do not do many endorsements so to see this was astonishing to me.   This festival is the best run and nicest that I have ever attended. I can’t wait to attend next years as I understand it will be bigger and better. Thank you Laura & Morgan for making this a weekend I will always remember.
~Donald Blackfox, Founder and member of the Thunder Hawk Singers, President & CEO of Spirit Wind Records

Laura & Michelle before performing

Laura & Michelle before performing in 2011

Was There!!! great venue for song dance and story…Bought some fine hand made jewelery too…
~John Pupparo, Wood Working Artist who donated to the Silent Auction.

I’m happy to help where I can. I wish you much luck with the event.   Best to you.
~ Kathy  Rowe, Program Director, Y94fm

Iroquois Social Dancing

People of the Standing Stone Dancers leading Iroquois Social Dancing at the 2010 Festival

If you haven’t been, there is a lot more at the “Point” than normal. You have the expected lake views, the wonderful evergreen encircled grounds which contain not only the ruins of the hotel, but also my personal favorite, Casey’s Cottage, a medieval manor house.

THEN, during the Native Circle festival, all these wonderful performers, foods, and historical additions making this a fabulous weekend event. It will be my fourth time, and has now been added to my annual activities.
~ Debbie, Oswego NY

Often, it’s all too easy for those of us in mainstream American culture to focus on self above all else. Native American arts teach us the need to exist in harmony with nature and to find soul/body/spiritual balance. Valuable lessons in these times where the drive for endless accumulation by some is threatening our ability to provide even the basics of food, shelter, and clothing for our world and sometimes even for our own families. The Native Circle festival is an opportunity for us to tap into ancient wisdom that has withstood the test of so much time. Through understanding diverse cultures and applying the wisdom of each, we may yet find ways to achieve social, political, and (one day) even world harmony.
~ Alan Bargender, Plant Manager – Independence Station, Dynegy Inc. & 2011 Native Circle Sponsor

The Storytellers and Owl & Dove teamed up in 2008 to share A Touch of Native America

The Storytellers and Owl & Dove teamed up in 2008 to share A Touch of Native America

The Native Circle Touch the Earth Festival was all I had hoped it would be and ever so much MORE! Much to my surprise and delight, two performing musicians (called Sacred Winds) and another sweet couple who are “Storytellers” from New Hampshire….were there and I got to chat with them for quite a while. They were Eastern Woodland Abenaki and had so much to share with me! I was telling my cousin from FL (who had the opportunity to visit Abenaki in VT the year we discovered our heritage) who I had met and how wonderful it was….one of those events you look forward to and hope it meets your expectations…and THEN it turns out to be 10 times better than you imagined! I was on cloud 9 the entire day! The music was beautiful and the people I met were so nice…I will always have quite a wonderful memory of this day.
~ Nedoba, 2010 Festival attendee

Your newsletter is awesome and we’ll be looking forward to it every week. We’ll have to build a new wigwam this year and maybe shift it to the area closer to the beach where I can use the canoe if the lake is calm. Looking forward to the 4th (is that possible?) Native Circle!
~ Rich and Leslie Lacrosse, Pulaski NY

Your group should be so proud!!!
~ about the Storytellers garnering their second NAMMY

I attended the event at Mexico Point last year, 2010, and my children loved it!! We loved the storytelling especially! Thank you! Congratulations!!
~ Laura Hyde, New Haven NY

I have been longing to find and become a part of a community of like-minded people and the Native Circle provided that for me.
Dr. Mira Ingemann, 2009 Festival attendee and former advisory member, Bermuda

The energy was incredible. It was a peaceful, upbeat, relaxed, inclusive atmosphere. Had I not attended the 2006 Native Circle and the Totem Spirits workshop presented by Laura K. Vannah, I would not have followed my heart and become a Reiki Master. I would not have the business I do today!
~ Mary Gillen, Festival attendee since 2006, 2010 presenter, and owner of EnergyWork, Mexico NY

I loved every minute. Thank you!
~ Diane MicKinkle, Central Square NY

I love this festival and have attended it for years. You have all brought me closer to my favorite heritage!
~ Joyce Bogdziewiz, Fulton NY

There were good programs and the performers were great. I never would have thought of vending at or going to something “native”. I’m so glad I did.
~ Tracy Lindowski, NarrowGate Farms, Parish NY

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