Thunder Hawk Singers to Perform

by Laura K. Vannah on July 4, 2011

The 2009 NAMMY Award-winning Thunder Hawk Singers will be performing Saturday July 9th at 2pm at the Arts Fest on the River in Downtown Fulton.

Thunder Hawk SingersThis all started with an email which was forwarded to me on an account I rarely check. Something about an Arts Festival in Fulton.

“Huh! That’s interesting. Wonder who’s putting that on,” I thought because I didn’t recognize the organization’s name nor any of the contact information.

As I scrolled down, one phrase caught my eye “ARTs in the heART ~ Discover the ART in you!”

It sounded suspiciously like Nancy Fox, a woman I worked with waaaaay back in 2006 & 2007. Sure enough there at the bottom was her contact information!

Nancy’s and my history begins in October 2006 when there was a FIRST for Oswego County. Three theater productions opened on the same night , Oct 27, in the city of Oswego—the Oswego Players’ production of “Opal’s Million Dollar Duck,” Bright Star ProductionZ “Murder At The Monster Bash,” and Nancy Fox’s Port City Theatre “In His Steps”.

Nancy and I officially met at an arts forum a few weeks later and realized we not only had the same challenges of finding actors for our shows but also the same passion…to unite the arts community and the general public.

There was something wonderful afoot with that ‘chance’ meeting at the forum. We met again soon after to brainstorm ideas for bridging the communication gap between theatre artists and the community. The thought prevailed, “We can’t be the only ones out there who want to do theatre and are having trouble finding people with which to do theatre. All we need to do is provide a vehicle for bringing everyone together.

While I drew on my background in the Boston theatre community, Nancy vocalized her need for greater resources. After months of devising a mission statement and envisioning the ultimate resource tool we hoped to become, we launched the short-lived CNY THEATRE SOURCE in 2007.

Then life drew us apart. We sporadically kept in touch but it had been years since I’d talked to her. When I realized who the email was about, I immediately picked up the phone and called Nancy.

In an interesting turn of events, Nancy is now determined to create a CNY ARTS CENTER in Fulton in order to provide a place for the arts that can improve the quality of life for the community! A place for all ages and arts to come and work – or play!

In her desire to offer a range of artistic opportunities to meet the cultural, entertainment and recreational interests of all their arts partners right here in Central New York, Nancy decided to hold the first annual Arts Fest on the River to benefit the CNY ARTS CENTER!

She asked if the Thunder Hawk Singers would be willing to perform. Of course I said, YES!

So come join us on July 9th and support this incredible endeavor of one frustrated artist who spoke up and said “It’s time!” to many kindred spirits signing on as enthusiasm grows for an arts center in Fulton. The response has been overwhelming which proves it is indeed time!


July 9, 2011


Downtown Fulton – one block off Rte 481 – on the River!

Art Show and Sale…Talent Competition

Live Local Entertainment

Food, Fun and MORE!

Contact for more information.
(No that’s NOT a typo ~  it really does say

Click here to visit the CNY ARTS CENTER website

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