Native American Music Award Winners, Sayani, Delighted and Inspired

by Laura K. Vannah on June 29, 2011

NAMA award-winning Sayani warmed the audiences hearts this weekend with their passion, laughter, light, and music.

Native Circle Presents SayaniSometimes it can be a little disconcerting bringing in a new group of performers.

Until I see them in action, there’s always questions in my mind about how they operate and will they be a good fit.

As I told the crowd on Saturday, I’ve been wanting to bring these inspirational performers up here since I first heard their music last fall. I felt a sense of love emanating through their music which I wanted them to share with you.

The timing just wasn’t right for them to appear at the Native Circle as they had already booked performances in Connecticut for the week after the festival. So, when Donald Blackfox asked me to help him bring them up here, I jumped at the chance.

And I’m so glad I did!

Jorie & Christie West When I went to greet them in my driveway on Friday night, I was quickly enveloped in hugs. Even though they’d been on the road all day, they both had sparkles in their eyes and laughter on their lips. We immediately fell into easy conversation that lasted throughout the weekend.

At the Museum, we ended up moving the performance into the Chapel because of the threatening skyes. While it never did do anything more than a few sprinkles, it was an interesting space to perform in.

Daphne & Bob Thompson
Many familiar faces were in the crowd that day. The Liverpool Boy Scout Troop helped us load in all of our sound equipment, and John Anderson started the concert off with an Iroquois prayer and talk about the history of the Museum.

I was deeply honored when Jorie and Christie asked me to perform a couple of songs with them.

They had never heard the song I sing called Neesa, a crowd favorite at the festival. They were so taken by it that when they got up to do their second set they asked me to sing it one more time, this time harmonizing with me. An exceptional experience for me!

Sayani performing at Sainte Marie Among the Iroquois

They also close their shows with Cherokee Amazing Grace. When we discovered we close our shows they same way they offered to sing it with me, a Capella.

I have to admit our dress rehearsal was much better than our actual performance because I was having trouble hearing the background music. I should just stuck to a Capella that afternoon. Yet, I still got goose bumps with the harmonies they added to such a powerful song.

I gotta say….Jorie & Christie West are PRO’s!

It was an honor to have Sayani’s Jorie & Christie West here this weekend. And I’m glad I trusted my gut and brought them here to Central New York.

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