Laura K. Vannah Launches Know You MATTER

by Laura K. Vannah on February 25, 2012

All of the 2011 Native Circle Festival Performers on stage for Cherokee Amazing Grace

All of the 2011 Native Circle Festival Performers on stage for Cherokee Amazing Grace

The success and the struggles of creating The Native Circle Touch the Earth Festival has been a tremendous and life shaping opportunity for me not only professionally but personally as well.

After the 2011 Native Circle Touch the Earth Festival proved to be such a huge success, many doors began opening.  While embracing these opportunities, I found myself being pulled toward my TRUE mission and my vision for that calling started to take shape.

In relying on my expertise, education and personal experience, I knew I wanted to reach out and help others and inspire HOPE in those who felt lost.  I didn’t know how, but my passion began to spark and quickly caught fire.  From those initial sparks Know You MATTER ~ Igniting Hope Lighting the Way was born.

Know You MATTER is dedicated to bringing awareness to and to helping to prevent suicide.

Scroll down to read ALL about what has transpired in the past three months.

Or better yet, simply click here and go watch the really cool video we’ve created to launch Know You MATTER!

Know You MATTER~ Igniting Hope Lighting the Way is the culmination of everything in my life: Bright Star ProductionZ and the Native Circle Touch the Earth Festival.

At the age of fifteen when I attempted suicide I never imagined where my life would have taken me, who I would become today and what gifts I had to share. I am living proof that if you reach out and allow yourself to be helped you can do, be, and have more than you ever thought possible.

While my story is important, our message is bigger and more important than one single story.  The entire team at Know You MATTER is devoted to spreading the message that each person MATTERs, that their gifts MATTER, the difference one person makes in this world MATTERs, and we want everyone to Know You MATTER.

We are dedicated to Igniting Hope and Lighting the Way for individuals, for the community, for our world.  When one person is touched, the whole world feels the effect.

Nake Nula WaunThe inaugural Know You MATTER ~ Igniting Hope, Lighting the Way weekend, to be held in multiple venues throughout Syracuse NY on April 13 & 14, 2012 and features an award-winning and diverse line-up of contemporary international artists:

  • Friends of Emmet,
  • Michael Bucher,
  • Nake Nula Waun,
  • Corn-Bred,
  • Dylan Jenet Collins,
  • Cheryl Wilkins-Mitchell & Dancers,
  • and Keynote Speaker, Scott Chisholm, Founder of the Collateral Damage Project.

So many of us, including myself, are directly affected by suicide, whether as an attempter or as someone who has lost a loved one due to suicide. I know the darkness and the pain that can lead to suicide. I also know how to move beyond that darkness and through the use of my gifts I have transformed my life.

Our deepest desire is to share inspirational stories, bring the community together, and create better understanding through the connecting power of music.  To help those in pain understand that they are not alone; there is hope; and they truly MATTER.

Know You MATTERThe inaugural Know You MATTER ~ Igniting Hope Lighting the Way weekend will be more than just a benefit to raise money.

It will be a call to action.

To make the case that when over 36,000 Americans are lost each year to suicide, the whole world loses.

If you’d like to get involved in helping us put this spectacular event together, email us! We’d love to have you on-board!

Together, we can raise public awareness about suicide and its prevention by celebrating the message of Know You MATTER!

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