Our Venue at Mexico Point Park, Mexico NY

The History of Mexico Point Park

Mexico Point Hotel

Mexico Point Hotel

Today, all that remains are the thick stone walls, the fire place, the heavy chains that connected the pillars at the entrances, and the memories.

The original Mexico Point Club was built before the turn of the century. William Wight was the proprietor for many years. The hotel was badly damaged by fire, and a few years later it was acquired by the Hungerford estate.

Fireplace Inside Hotel

Fireplace Inside Mexico Point Inn

Mexico Point Club was built in 1906 and quickly became a thriving summer resort.

Prior to the advent of the automobile, the resort was popular with vacationers who stayed for several weeks, with some staying for the entire summer. Guests were met at the railroad station by a horse-drawn bus, which took them to the lake. Reservations were always necessary.

The Hungerford’s rebuilt the resort and operated it for many years until it again suffered a damaging fire.

Frank Davis purchased the property and rebuilt the club. During the 1930’s, Mexico Point Club was a popular destination for many who enjoyed boating, swimming, and clambakes

In 1930, William Casey, a professor at Columbia University, and Severin Bischof, an artist, turned the carriage house into an 11th Century manor house.

Mexico Point Park Beach

Mexico Point Park Beach

During the 1930’s, Mexico Point Club held weekly clambakes. The ninety-foot sandy beach was used by townspeople who enjoyed swimming and sunbathing. The 90-foot beach also had a hot dog stand and row
boats to rent.

Art Magnuson, a retired school teacher from New Jersey, built a cottage on the bluff on the west side of the Salmon River. He ran the hot dog stand and rented Thompson boats. Later he worked at the Sherman Hardware store and his wife, Mary, became a school librarian in Mexico. He also
started the first Laundromat on Route 3 in the village.

Mexico townspeople could drive down through the park past the hotel and leave their cars on the beach. It was always full of swimmers on warm summer days.

During the 1940’s, Carmen Basilio and Joey DeJohn, used the hotel as a summer training camp. It remained a popular place for dances, clambakes, and other social gatherings until the fire.

In the 1950’s, the Mexico Point club was sold to Joseph and Frank Marano and Joseph DeSalvo of Fulton.

Mexico Point Club burned in 1952. High water destroyed the beach. At the beginning of the century it was the “place to be”, and now, thanks to the creation of Mexico Point Park, it still is.

Casey’s Cottage

Casey's Cottage at Mexico Point Park

Casey's Cottage at Mexico Point Park

Casey’s Cottage, nestled among the giant oaks beside the beautiful beach at Mexico Point, is truly a “gem.”

Casey’s Cottage, which was originally the three story carriage house for the Mexico Point Hotel, is a 12th Century Styled Manor House.

The medieval influence is apparent in the life-size wall carvings. The beams are carved with Chaucer’s “The Former Age” and sir names of those who worked at the cottage. On the floor next to the fireplace are the initials of the artist, S.B.  Casey’s Cottage is a unique and very special place to visit.

Casey’s Cottage is maintained by Friends of Mexico Point Park, Inc.,
a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Casey’s Cottage.

Mexico Point Park Today

Kitchen Theatre Pavilion at Mexico Point Park

Kitchen Theatre Pavilion at Mexico Point Park

The Kitchen Theatre Pavilion
Thanks to the hard work and dedication of The Friends of Mexico Point Park, the old hotel ruins now house a theatre stage!

This is where the artists perform now! It’s wonderful to play beneath the roof of the pavilion!

There’s so much more this park has to offer!

Walking Trail to Historic Spy Island

Walking Trail to Historic Spy Island

Located at 120 Mexico Point Drive West, Mexico Point Park is situated on the shore of Lake Ontario offering not only swimming, picnicing, fantastic sunsets, and Casey’s Cottage but also nature walks, and hiking trails to Spy Island.

It’s been a perfect place to host the Native Circle Touch the Earth Festival! We hope to do so for many years to come.

For more information about the park and Casey’s Cottage, go to www.mexicony.net.

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